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                        2. 聯系我們
                          Villa structure large-scale renovation, such as villa "expansion", "digging basement" and other large-scale renovation and transformation of villa structure, unless consensus is reached with the opener in the purchase of houses, otherwise once found property owners will be promptly asked to stop work, wanggui.89ix.com linhuaye.89ix.com fanghuomen.89ix.comfenliqi.89ix.comsuoju.37ix.com.cn hengliu.37ix.com.cnremove the alteration and then fine, or think twice before proceeding. If large-scale structural changes are really needed, they must be carried out with the cooperation of "structural engineers". Not only should the drawings be professional and precise, but also the building materials such as concrete should be used for "building" and the craftsmanship should be paid great attention to. There is still a big difference between domestic designers and architects. In order to ensure the safety of housing, owners are implementing such plans and selecting construction units with relevant professional qualifications.


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