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                        2. 聯系我們
                          風電基礎底座模板是風電發電工程必須用到的模具,也是一種易形的鋼模具,     風電基礎底座模板弧形建筑模具一般運用在風能發電比較比較發達的地域,例如內蒙古自治區、青海省等地域,風速太陽能發電風電基礎底座模板模具所有要以建筑模具制做主導,選用的全是加厚型的,控制面板在5mm之上,筋板在6*8的之上,現階段針對風電基礎底座模板模具的訂制并非許多 ,許多 鋼模具廠沒法生產這種異型、大中型的鋼模具。從模具生產生產廠家的生產工作經驗看來,無論是哪種種類的鋼模具,全是根據實際的施工圖設計后,生產廠家依據具體操作簡易、便液壓鋼壩捷的計劃方案開展模具生產工作中。
                          The wind power foundation base formwork is not only a mold that must be used in the wind power generation project, but also an easy to form steel mold,      Wind power foundation base formwork arc-shaped building molds are generally used in regions with relatively developed wind power generation, such as Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Qinghai Province and other regions. Wind speed solar power generation wind power foundation base formwork molds should be dominated by building molds, which are all thickened. The control panel is above 5mm and the rib plate is above 6 * 8. At this stage, there are not many customized wind power foundation base formwork molds, Many steel mold factories cannot produce this kind of special-shaped, large and medium-sized steel mold. From the production experience of the mold manufacturer, no matter what kind of steel mold, it is designed according to the actual construction drawing, and the manufacturer carries out the mold production according to the specific plan with simple and convenient operation.


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